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From drain blockages and repairs to ongoing maintenance and CCTV surveys, at Agouti we provide a complete range of services through our local partner company Atlantis Drains, to keep both domestic and industrial drain systems running smoothly.


Using our specialised CCTV technology we are able to detect the exact cause and nature of a problem in a very short space of time. As the camera moves through pipes, the screen displays in detail faults such as splits, breaks and intrusions like tree roots and a sonar locator enables us to pinpoint the exact location of the problem on the surface. DVD or Video footage is supplied with a full report and our recommendations for any remedial works that are necessary.

Relining - drain repair without digging

We can undertake the majority of repairs without actually digging to expose the pipe work. Our CCTV camera guides a flattened tube of tough polyester material into the damaged section of pipe. Once positioned over the fault the tube is inflated to fit snugly against the drain walls and then cured - this turns the material rock solid and binds it to the drain's internal surface, creating a resilient, waterproof skin.

Collapsed Drains

In some cases, tree roots and other obstructions can damage pipe work and cause the pipes to completely collapse. In this situation we have experienced personnel who will safely excavate the pipe work, remove the obstruction and lay whatever new pipe work is required.

Blocked Drains

You can count on us to deal with any type of blocked pipe or drain. Stubborn blockages are cleared using a high-pressure water jetting system. The jets of water break up the blockage and flush out any debris. A variety of jetting nozzles can also be fitted such as spinning jets to clean the complete diameter of the pipe or chain flails that remove hard scale or concrete deposits.

Preventative Maintenance

Domestic and commercial properties can benefit from a planned maintenance contract. Scheduled cleaning services at regular intervals minimises unnecessary damage and disruption caused by blockages. Defects are spotted early and rectified early, long before they become a serious problem. Maintenance services can be scheduled in the evening or at the weekend to suit specific client needs such as public opening times.

To discuss individual requirements or detailed information about any of the drain maintenance services through Agouti please contact us.

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