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There are many different varieties of Cockroach but they are all distinguished by their very long whip-like antennae, flat oval bodies and rapid, jerky gait.

The adult German cockroach is 10 to 15mm long and the Common or Oriental cockroach can grow as large as 20 to 24mm long.

They prefer hot, humid environments clustering around pipes, drains, heating ducts, stoves, and sinks of large centrally heated buildings e.g. hospitals, bakeries, hotel and restaurant kitchens, laundries and blocks of flats.

Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal, surfacing from travel from their inaccessible hiding places to feed, contaminating food and food utensils and food preparation areas as they move. They leave an unpleasant odour and can carry various diseases, including Typhoid, Dysentry and Gastroenteritis.

Agouti technicians are experienced in the eradication of cockroaches employing thorough insecticide spraying techniques which ensure the insects difficult harbourages are reached.

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