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Of the 1400 types of flea around 60 species are found in the UK. The most common is the Cat Flea, which bites humans, followed by the Human Flea and the Bird Flea. Dog fleas are less common, although other species may become briefly attached to dogs whilst they wait for a more favourable host.

Adult fleas are normally 1-4mm long and brownish in colour. Fleas are wingless but they do have very powerful legs and can jump large distances. Their eggs are slightly sticky and are laid on hair, bedding or clothing of the host. Carpets provide an undisturbed environment for fleas to breed, but they also live in cracks and crevices of bare floors, bedding of animals and under loose wallpaper.

Almost invariably cat fleas will attack the lower portions of the leg, especially around the ankles. Frequent flea bites around the waist and abdomen normally indicate human fleas. The bites can give rise to the characteristic bright red spots around the area and can cause intense irritation for one or two days.

An Agouti pest control technician will carry out treatment using an approved insecticide which is sprayed mainly on the floor area. This works most efficiently when in conjunction with disinfestation of any affected pets.

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